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Wholey Fit Indoor Cycling and HIIT classes!

Wholey Fit is a small unpretentious studio with a variety of indoor cycling and strength classes for people who prefer a more laid back workout experience.  The music is great but not super loud, the instructors are super motivating but don’t yell and proper form and technique are emphasized so no one gets injured or aggravates old injuries.  The studio is air conditioned and there’s a ton of easy access free parking!

Here’s what we’ve got!

Indoor Cycling (aka spinning)!   Most of the indoor cycling classes include strength work or yoga after the ride, but there are a few that are just cycling. 

Tabata Bootcamp!  Classes are 30 minutes and run 3 days per week.  Each day focuses on a different area: lower body, core or upper body.  The Tabata Bootcamp format is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) using the highly effective 2:1 work:rest ratio Microburst Training Protocol.  

At Home Programs!  Can’t make it to the studio?  No problem!  I also offer online fitness and nutrition programs.  The workouts are only 30 minutes long and can be done whenever you like at home and the nutritional shake is elite nutrition that’s optimal for an active and healthy body!

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